What is an AMULET ?

 An AMULET is a key element within our patented technology to protect access to a digital asset, and contains all the instructions and metadata related to allowing or denying access to the digital asset.

Specifically, an AMULET  criteria set is a stream of plain text characters that live in a configuration file, alongside any other AMULET  criteria sets in the configuration file collection. All AMULET  criteria sets are enciphered, and the plain text of the AMULET expresses the hex values of the bytes that make up the enciphered form of the AMULET .

As plain text, AMULET  criteria sets are easily transported between and understood by all operating systems in existence. This means an AMULET can be created on a Windows machine for use to protect a digital asset in a Linux operating system, or on a Mac running OSX for an Android environment with no need to constrain the AMULET to a specific target environment. Any AMULET written on any operating system can be interpreted and understood by any AMULET access manager running on any host device. AMULET  criteria sets are fully portable, and that portability would extend to operating systems not yet written.

AMULET™ config fileThe configuration file in which the AMULET lives has a parent-child relationship with the AMULET , and the file contains one specialized AMULET special AMULET™ that specifies the rules that are to be applied to all other AMULET  criteria sets in the file. An example of a configuration file rule that would apply to all child AMULET  criteria sets is the number of AMULET  criteria sets that are allowed to be created for that configuration file, in keeping with the registration license type purchased. Other information enciphered into the configuration file AMULET would include information on the registrant, the purchase, and a unique identifier for the configuration file container.

The digital asset AMULET in the configuration file contains an enciphered, codified shorthand describing fully all of the criteria (formally referred to as “framework services”) that the AMULET manager must validate before any AMULET -protected digital asset lease requests can be honored.

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