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Obfuscating Screen Capture Viewer Demo Application

demo obfuscation

The obfuscating-screen-capture-viewer ensures that at no time will a graphic or document ever be presented without frustrating screen capture and photography such that a pristine capture cannot be obtained and that any replica, including from a detached analog camera, taken of a viewer-obfuscated screen image, can be readily identified as such even after extensive cleanup.

Certitude Digital’s AMULET Obfuscated Screen Capture Viewer Demo is designed to illustrate a set of very subtle but unique capabilities that address a highly-specialized set of circumstances, wherein a user has been granted just enough trust to read or view the full contents, but not modify the contents or use them for any other purpose. Should the user choose to violate the limited trust granted him/her by the content provider, the AMULET™ framework has enough information to hold the user fully accountable once the breach is discovered.

The viewer does not attempt to inhibit the actual taking of screenshots or photographs – it makes sure that the screenshots or photographs are of poor quality (such that the screenshots or photographs will not support any claim of originality with respect to intellectual property) and are embedded with steganography, unique artifacts, and characteristics and patterns which are invisible to the naked eye but reveal themselves clearly when exposed to the right environment or software.

Download the demo app

Use the button to download the file, and then unzip the contents into a folder on your machine.  The downloaded zip contains three files:

Download Demo File
  1. The content provider configuration component (AMULETObfuscateScrnCapCfg32U.exe), configures the viewing environment for displaying a given graphic or document.
  2. The viewer itself (AMULETObfuscateScrnCapVwr32U.exe.), displays the document or graphic in conformance with the configuration instructions.
  3. The instructions and documentation (AMULETObfuscatedScreenCaptureViewerDemo.pdf).

You may also download the instructions separately, for more details and information on installing and using the demo (a copy of the document is also included in the demo files download).

Download Document