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User documentation on our technology and products.

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AMULETS and Code Cocoons

Document covering details of Code Cocoons , an invention which, in addition to other things, prevents or makes difficult the comparisons between what is on the hard drive in one environment and what is in memory in another, keeping even momentarily-exposed intellectual property in a different environment than the one which is native to the host computer.
AMULET Auto Registration for Multimedia

Allows consumers, along with authors, to specify frictionless ecosystem for access to published multimedia works.
AMULET Corporate Container Simulation (CCS )

A collection of applications, tools, services and helper utilities to quickly and efficiently use Certitude Digital AMULETs to wrap effective fail-safe cybersecurity around very large numbers of digital assets as files residing in existing Container-Related Asset Protection (CRAP) folders, disk drives, servers, server farms, the cloud, and other aggregates and collections.
AMULET Criteria Editor Instructions

Instructions for using the AMULET to make changes to an AMULET configuration file, which is one of the four main components to the Certitude Digital system.
AMULET Multimedia Rights Suite (MRS )

A comprehensive, cooperating set of applications, framework components, processes, utilities and website helpers that ensure multimedia content providers have a secure, convenient means to publish their work and know they will be paid fairly for every rendition of that work, and also ensure that content consumers (users) have an uninterrupted, painless experience enjoying the art they’ve purchased.
AMULET Technology Time Validation Implementation

This document covers how the AMULET editor allows you to pre-define unlimited arrays of time period definitions that can overlap each other to provide intricate patterns for controlling access to a digital asset though an AMULET based on time access is requests and the intended duration of use.
AMULET Versus CRAP Technologies

AMULET technology versus Container-Related Asset Protection (CRAP) technology
AMULET White Paper

Our white paper for business, government and industry – a free-wheeling, frank, irreverent and educational presentation of the problem of, and solution for, digital asset security,
Demonstration App – Text Editor Install And Use

Installation and usage instructions for our demonstration application, which uses a plain text editor to let the user try out and understand some of the AMULET technology capabilities.
GPS Point Grabber And Editor Instructions

For defining precision custom GPS point polygons to support AMULET location-based criteria for determining access to a digital asset.