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“Why do companies continue to follow the same archaic security
strategies while data breaches are at an all-time high?”

Digital Guardian • Nate Lord

“The question should not be:’How can I make sure our systems are never penetrated?‘.
Instead, the questions to ask are:’When a hacker penetrates the network,
what will he be able to access?

Allure Security • Dr. Salvatore Stolfo (CTO)

“Traditional companies work on container-related asset protection…
The model bars entry to the container, but does not address
what you really want to protect: the data itself

Forbes • Shazir Mucklai

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

Mark Twain

“In the 19th century, we had the Robber Barons. In the 21st century, we’ve got the ‘Cyber Barons’.”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), U. S. House of Representatives

We Have the Solution


No keys or certificates to be installed, lost, given away or stolen.  Immune from social engineering hacks.


Cross-platform, cross-device, covering all digital forms of intellectual property and/or private information.


Dynamic, environmentally-based criteria, evaluated  each and every time access is requested.


Prohibits data-rapers, greed supremacists, and robber barons like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and hackers from profiting via your private sensitive data – they cannot steal what they cannot see.

Fail-safe protection

Protection is built into the digital asset and is the default state, so no matter where it is or where it ends up, it is always protected.


Define Access Rules

Define Access Rules

Login to your account and use the online Rules Editor to define the requirements for accessing your file.

Example:IP address must match 123.45.6*.* and Logged On User must be a member of the Admin group”

Download Rules Set

Protect a File

Download your Rules Set (stored in what we call an AMULET   ) and use it to create a protected file.

Open Protected File

Open a Protected File

Using an AMULET-enabled application*, simply open a protected file – if you don’t meet the access rules you won’t be able to open it. That’s it.

Example:a user meeting all the criteria (i.e. on a computer meeting the IP address mask, and whose logon account is a member of the Admin group) is able access/open the file”

On Target

Secure and Hassle Free!

  • No password to remember (or forget)

  • No special codes

  • No credentials to be stolen, lost, or even shared

* You could also use our AMULET-enabled Decloak™ tool to permanently decipher the file so you can access it within any application that isn’t yet AMULET-enabled


Select, mix, and match from a vast, and ever growing, set of criteria to include in your access rules so only the appropriate users in the appropriate environments will have access

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Extensive Criteria

Simple explainer videos to quickly understand what this technology is all about

What makes it unique and different (3:43)

Access rules criteria to protect a file (2:46)

Use Case Examples

In this situation, all criteria about the device itself (BIOS tag, IP address, etc…) would all be common across users. Each individual has their own account information in order to log onto the machine. The logged-on username (along with group memberships) is one of the many criteria an AMULET  can use to define access to an individual file.

AMULETs  have a number of criteria which can be defined to prevent robotic use of a digital asset when a user is not present. AMULET  criteria can be defined to require that a user be logged on, even a specific user, and further that there be mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen activity within a certain timeframe of any AMULET  lease request or lease request validation. AMULETs  can have time criteria defined to block any use of a digital asset during certain time periods the user is known to be unavailable.

No matter what the reason or need, AMULETs ™ can be restricted to devices based on what specific file(s) are (or are not) installed on the device, what processes are (or are not) active on the device, or from which modules in a process an access request is coming from. For example, the author could identify a file uniquely associated with the conflicting application, and could then create AMULET ™ file criteria that would deny access to the author’s application if the offending file was present on the host device.



Covers all platforms.  The only solution capable of working without regard to the device platform.

Operating Systems

Operating system agnostic.  The only solution capable of working without regard to the operating system.


Fail-safe design.  Default is to protect the digital asset.

Industry Coverage

Resolves today’s (and tomorrow’s) cybersecurity industry issues.

Certitude Digital has been featured in Forbes magazine…

 “Security Overhauls Are More Essential Than Ever For Financial Companies”

Losses Due to Cybersecurity Breaches

2017 ($800 billion)
2018 ($1.3 trillion)
2019 ($2.1 trillion)
2020 ($3.5 trillion)
2021 ($6+ trillion)

Sources: Cybersecurity Market Report – Cybersecurity Ventures  |  Industry and Security News – Lavasoft  |  Computer Business Review  |  Juniper Research

Publicly disclosed data breaches
Personal and other sensitive data compromised
Avg time for organizations to identify a data breach
Avg time to fully contain a data breach