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Text Editor Demo Application

demo text editor

We’ve put together an application to demonstrate how the AMULET technology works, and can be used to see how digital assets, specifically plain text files, can be protected using this advanced technology.

Please note: this application has limited functionality, and uses an older version of the AMULET ™ Criteria Editor and Framework not compatible with our more recent demo applications.  While the techniques demonstrated (in the video) are secure for the purposes of the output file, the source code in the text editor application itself has not been fortified with the protections that will be built into our production applications. This is strictly for demonstration purposes, and should provide the reader with a clear sense of what this technology is all about, as it relates to our passive security defenses (i.e. it does not include our active defenses, which are provided by our Code Cocoon product).

This demo application is currently limited to support just three criteria including: Time, Files, and Logged-on User – all other criteria are in development.

Watch the Demo App Video

Check out this video, which walks through using the demonstration application to read, create, and save AMULET -protected files you can check out for yourself.

Download the Demo App

Use the button to download the demo installation file and the instructions.

After downloading, the demo installation file will arrive as a single executable file named “AMULETTextEditorDemoSetup.exe”

Download demo installation file

To run the demo installation file, right-mouse-click on the downloaded file “AMULETTextEditorDemoSetup.exe” and then click “Run as administrator” from the popup menu that appears.

The demo installation file will install the AMULET text editor demo as well as any dependencies required, including installing the Certitude Digital AMULET framework onto the operating system if not already present.

You may also download the instructions separately, for more details and information on installing and using the demo (a copy of the document is also included in the demo installation file download).

Download installation instructions