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As a cybersecurity professional tasked to protect every digital asset to the best of your ability…

Until now, you’ve only had some form of Container-Related Digital Asset Protection, focused on protecting the container (whether it be a browser, operating system, database, spreadsheet, document, file system, server, server farm, or cloud) upon which the digital asset was completely dependent for its protection.  This is much like having to defend every individual egg in a basket from a skulk of foxes, with nothing more than a chain cobbled together from a set of disparate solutions, all derivatives of historically failed approaches to providing security.

Failed technologies dominating the headlines

(eggs in a loosely protected basket left to fend for themselves)


AMULET™ Technology Approach

(each individual egg, equipped to protect itself)

Failed technologies dominating the headlines

Every link in the security chain is dependent upon some form of encryption. But encryption has serious issues no one wants to discuss, including the fact that all things encrypted must be decrypted somewhere for use, and all the fox has to do is wait and grab the eggs from where they are decrypted, rendering encryption meaningless (once decrypted, the protected digital asset can be copied anywhere in its unencrypted form). Traditional encryption has back doors provided by the vendors to most major governments (and known to hackers), and suffers from locked relationships – the source, results, and key(s) all are fixed in relation to one another such that if you know any two of the three, you can easily determine the third. Most hacks are made even easier because keys are stored (intentionally or through ignorance) where they are accessible to someone (including employees), or are even transmitted over networks prior to, or during, use.

Naked and afraid all by themselves, the eggs are dependent upon the basket for all of their protection, and cannot leave the basket safely. If the basket is broken into, dropped, or stolen in its entirety, the eggs are defenseless and helpless.

The basket itself has no intelligence – it knows nothing of the eggs within it or of the security provided to it, or even that it needs external protection.

The security provided for the basket protects only the basket and knows nothing of the eggs in it – once an egg is outside the basket being protected, the basket security could care less. The chain of basket security is only as strong as its weakest link, and it has many weak links.

Links are provided by different products from different vendors, each to a different standard, and each requiring that its unique implementation be done perfectly if it is to have any strength. Links are made of quickly-decaying materials, and each must be individually maintained and updated. Any one missing, broken, or open link invalidates all security.

AMULET™ Technology Approach

The AMULET™ framework is free and available to any intelligent device that wants to support AMULET™ security for an egg. The framework provides a unique safe haven into which each egg is automatically deposited upon arrival. The framework interprets its host environment for the egg, communicates with the outside world on behalf of the egg, and manages relationships between eggs. The framework’s most important role is to determine from the AMULET™ criteria embedded into the egg whether it is safe to temporarily expose to a trusted requestor a limited view

Even when a view of the egg’s true contents is temporarily exposed to a trusted requestor by the AMULET”‘ framework when environmental conditions are right to do so, any recordable (audio or visual) display of the rendered view is protected from capture and/or made uniquely identifiable in any recording. This is true even when the recording device is analog, detached from, or otherwise unknown to the egg’s host wise unknown to the egg’s host.

Because AMULET™-protected eggs are always in their protected state (in other words, fail-safe) and cannot be accessed in the absence of an AMULET™ framework, and because in their protected state they are expressed as enciphered plain text that can reside on any O/S or can be accessed in any language (computer or human), they can travel anywhere safely, by any transport means available, and can reside (temporarily or permanently) on any storage device in any form of storage container, regardless whether the device, operating system, transport, or storage in which they find themselves does, or does not, offer additional protection.

AMULET™-protected eggs are always in their enciphered (locked) state, even when a temporary unenciphered view is being rendered to a trusted requestor. This approach is referred to as “fail-safe”, meaning that even when bad or unexpected things happen, the egg is always safe.

Note that we use the term “enciphered”, not encrypted – we use a proprietary patented means of enciphering digital assets that can include encryption, but is not limited to encryption (or to a singular method of any kind). You may notice that even when the same egg is enciphered on the same device at the same time in multiple iterations, no two iterations produce the same results – the resulting files aren’t even the same size. There is no fixed relationship between source, result, and key as there is in traditional encryption. Nor is there any human interaction in the generation, seeding, storage, or even awareness of any keys.

It might surprise you to learn that even if you hacked our system and discovered something that appeared to have the role of a key, entering the stated value of that entity would always result in failure. It would certainly confuse you that a brand-new device and AMULET™ framework with no Internet connection can safely and reliably access any egg downloaded by another device. You might wonder how it is the operating system has no record of the medium to which an egg is being temporarily deciphered, and from whence the unenciphered contents are being dispensed.

Whether or not the specific details of what we have accomplished interest you, you can be assured that we have invested thirty-five years analyzing the practical implementations of cybersecurity technologies deployed in the wild, and for every weakness discovered, devised one or more solutions. We are the only cybersecurity vendor on Earth whose first and primary focus is actually on security, rather than upon making a profit by any means necessary. We discovered long ago that the most important step in ensuring the safety of eggs is to get the relationship of the delivery cart and the horse in the proper order.

AMULET™ egg protection offers phone-home communications whenever a network is available to either the AMULET™ framework or the egg (and when not available, store-and-forward capability until and when connectivity becomes available). Phone-home features initiated by the egg or framework include hysteresis and activity reporting for audit trailing, update requests, and real-time unauthorized activity intervention.

Communications support also includes externally-initiated conversations from the egg owner or maker which can include dynamic real-time updates of the egg or AMULET™ framework, or changes in assigned AMULET™s and/or assigned AMULET™ criteria.

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Every other cybersecurity vendor on Earth wants you to put all your eggs into one basket – their very pricey basket – and once you do, you are on your own, because you cannot open a browser today without hearing of yet another new and infamous failing of archaic all-your-eggs-in-one-basket schemes. Unlike those old technologies (the only new work being done today is to try to improve the encryption, for what that is worth, and threat detection, which means the invader is already there and you are going to let him or her lead the dance – all you can do is react), the revolutionary protection we offer for your precious eggs is always on, is always in reach, always works, and always works very well indeed – it all comes from a pool of patented technologies we call AMULET™s. Our shield is your guarantee that your eggs are always safe.

AMULET™s bring with them a backpack full of helpful defenses and adaptations, called criteria, that help the egg deal with any environment or situation the egg finds itself in, all perfectly suited to the egg’s mission by the mission’s commander (the author of the intellectual property contained inside the egg).