The AMULET™ Technology

Our patented solution solves most aspects of the problem domain, focusing protection at the digital asset level, rather than the container.  It is the only keyless, certificate-free, logically-sound, broad-based cross-platform, and cross-device cybersecurity technology in the world.

  1. Fail-safe protection. Protection is built into the digital asset and is the default state, so no matter where it is or where it ends up, it is always protected.
  2. Keyless access means no keys to be exchanged, lost, stolen, and no certificate installation steps involved.
  3. Access is based on environmental rules defined by the author/owner, using any number or combination of criteria from an extensive (and continually growing) set of options.
  4. Access is evaluated each and every time the digital asset is attempted access.  This means even an authorized user is unable to provide the digital asset in a viewable/usable form to any other user without meeting the access criteria.  No more inside/employee theft of such digital assets.
  5. The digital asset is never stored on disk in a readable/viewable form where hackers could obtain a copy.
  6. Extremely flexible.  Our solution can protect the entire digital asset/file, or sub-divide the digital asset into many parts, with some or all of those parts potentially protected in vastly different ways, down to a single line of code in an application, a sequence of frames in a video, or individual sound bytes in an audio recording.
 AMULET™ vs. Common Encryption* AMULET™ Encryption
Keyless (Why is keyless good? It eliminates the possibility of key theft) Yes No
Unencrypted file exposure on disk is eliminated Yes No
Aware of the environment the digital asset resides Yes No

*common encryption exposes an unencrypted copy of the digital asset on the computer drive